Winnipeg Family Stories

The Spruyt family stayed at RMHC Manitoba’s Ronald McDonald Family Room while their son received life-saving medical treatment.
(Pictured from left: Jennifer, Henry (age 18 months), Luke (age 3), TJ and Jack (age 5))

“In April, our youngest son, Henry, was diagnosed with bronchiolitis.Being a preemie and only six-weeks-old, the infection quickly became serious. The morning after his diagnosis, we found him unresponsive and turning blue.

Emergency medical staff revived Henry. He was placed on a ventilator and admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU).

We were fortunate to stay at the Ronald McDonald Family Room. The staff and volunteers go above and beyond to provide a welcoming and comforting environment. There’s food when you need it. And, it’s a huge relief to be with your family and close to your sick child.

Thankfully, Henry is doing very well now.”

“We’re very appreciative of RMHC Manitoba and everyone who helped us throughout the whole process. We’re glad things worked out the way they did and couldn’t have asked for a better ending.” - TJ and Jennifer Spruyt