Portage la Prairie Family Stories

Melanie Finnimore stayed at Ronald McDonald House (RMH) to be close to her daughter as she received medical treatment. After two-and-a-half years, they moved home to Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.

“Before her birth, an ultrasound detected a large cyst in Joy’s neck, due to a rare condition known as cystic hygroma. Since birth, Joy has needed constant supervision to make sure her airways were clear.

After her last surgery, Joy was able to eat on her own. Now, she can make sounds and vocalize. She’s considered low-risk and a speech valve is a realistic goal. 

If it wasn’t for RMH, Joy would never have known a normal life. We have acquired many friends here; it’s just an amazing community. It was a special and unique gift to have RMH as part of our journey.” 

“Joy’s first home was RMHC Manitoba and it will always be her first home. It’s the foundation of our new life. I’m so thankful to the amazing network RMHC Manitoba provides. I’m forever grateful for having the incredible support given to us every step of the way.” - Melanie Finnimore