Brandon Family Stories

The Pakulak family, from Brandon, Manitoba, were able to stay at Ronald McDonald House while their daughter received essential medical procedures. (Pictured from left: Cameron, Coraline and Chelsea)

"After being rushed to Winnipeg to give birth to our daughter, Coraline, we were unexpectedly thrown into a four month ordeal filled with surgeries, treatments and hurtles to overcome. Spending everyday at the hospital to care for our little one, we often struggled to care for ourselves. Ronald McDonald House became our refuge and home. The staff made the home welcoming and warm. It truly felt like they were there to support us while we were supporting our little one. While staying at the house, volunteers would come in and cook meals for the families. This was a huge relief and help, making sure we got home-cooked meals and a chance to interact with others. This made our time away from home less lonely and encouraged us to relax and enjoy the people around us. Ronald McDonald House gave us a home where we needed it most." - Chelsea Pakulak

The Mistry family, from Brandon, Manitoba, stayed at Ronald McDonald House and visited the Ronald McDonald Family Room while their premature sons received life-saving medical treatment. (Pictured clockwise from top left: Zeus, Parmeg, Zorav and Shirav)

"When we realized I was in preterm labour, we rushed to the Brandon  hospital. We were soon informed that we would be moved to Winnipeg  due to the complexity of my pregnancy. Knowing we were going to deliver away from home and our boys would need to spend significant time in the NICU, we were terrified. It was a great relief when we found out we could stay at Ronald McDonald House during this time. As a parent of a sick child, away from the comfort of your home, all you have to think about is your children while  everything else is taken care of by the amazing staff and volunteers at RMHC Manitoba. Their House and Family Room give support and comfort when you  are going through a stressful time. To us, the ‘H’ in RMHC means Home." - Parmeg Mistry

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