Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register a team?

If someone wants to set up a team, they select "Create a New Team", name their team, and complete registration. Then, whenever someone registers that wants to join an already existing team, they would select the team name that has already been set up under "Event Information" when registering. Please note: adding additional team members to your team can can be done more easily by the team leader who initially creates the team. Everyone who joins a team after the initial team is created must do so with individual registrations.

How does someone sponsor a team?

To sponsor a team one must select an individual walker from that team to donate to. The total funds collected from all team members will then show up on their team page on their donation thermometer. Donors also have the option of donating the same amount to each team member individually, through separate transactions.

How can I send out my link on email or social media so people can sponsor me online?

When a registered walker is signed into their profile they can click the "My Profile" button on the top-right corner to view their profile page. On this page there are a few links near the button left corner showing their profile options. One of these is ‘My Donation Page’. The link from this page is what they need to share out to have others donate pledges to them. There are also options for them to share their page out via Twitter and Facebook on their donation page.

Can I register someone else using the same email address I used to register myself?

Yes you can! You can register someone else using the same email address you used to register yourself, but you will need to create different usernames for each person you register.

What if I do not have a credit card to register? How can I register?

We now only accept credit card payments for online registrations. We would also accept cash or cheque if they want to pay in person. We'll also be accepting registrations in-person, the day of the event. This will be after our free T-shirt cut-off. We encourage participants to register early to be guaranteed a shirt.

Do you have PayPal as an option?

We currently only accept credit card payments for Red Shoe Crew Walk online registrations.