At Ronald McDonald Houses across Canada, our commitment to protecting the health and well-being of the vulnerable population of children we serve, their families, RMHC staff, volunteers, and our communities is always our top priority. 

In fact, Ronald McDonald Houses across the country have adhered to the highest health and safety standards throughout the pandemic, as defined by their local hospital partner, and local health authorities, in the best interests of all families, staff, and volunteers within a communal living environment.

Each Canadian Ronald McDonald House, in discussion with their local hospital partner, and on the recommendation of their local public health unit, have implemented independent vaccination policies.

The unique features and designs of each Ronald McDonald House also plays a critical role in determining how to best meet the highest standards of health and safety for families, staff, volunteers, and guests. For instance, some Houses have the ability to allow for isolation when needed.

Given the vulnerable populations we serve, it is imperative Ronald McDonald Houses take every precaution to limit the spread of COVID-19 and the Omicron variant within our facilities.

Here at RMHC Manitoba, as we continue to navigate mission delivery throughout the pandemic, our chapter is committed to following Manitoba public health and safety guidelines, and policies, in order to ensure a safe and welcoming facility, and workplace for families, staff, and volunteers.

To ensure the utmost priority to the health and safety of the vulnerable populations RMHC Manitoba serves within its shared and communal living facilities, very stringent health and safety protocols are in place. It is imperative that within the design of the current House and Family Room programs, every precaution is taken to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

All guest families, staff, volunteers, and visitors entering RMHC Manitoba program spaces must be fully vaccinated before returning to or entering the House or Family Room. Proof of vaccination is required.

RMHC Manitoba works with hospital partners and social workers to identify alternate accommodations for families. RMHC Manitoba offers hotel partner subsidies, 24/7 family service support, and access to services including welcome bags, activity kits, Community Resource Guide, hygiene kits/items, takeout meals, coffee/tea, snacks, fruit, virtual programming, and laundry service. 

As always, RMHC Manitoba and Ronald McDonald Houses across Canada will continue to work with each family, one family at a time, to support all families to the best of our ability during this difficult time.