Week 2: May 21st - 27th, The Lau Family

For Week 2 of 5 Weeks for Families, we highlight the healing journey of the RMHC Manitoba guests, Lau family from Churchill, Manitoba.

Lucy Lau was born premature at 23 weeks. She was immediately flown in from Churchill to receive immediate medical attention at HSC Children's Hospital in Winnipeg. During Lucy's journey, her parents, Ian and Cynthia, were always by her side while staying at Ronald McDonald House or spending time at the Ronald McDonald Family Room.

Below is their Ronald McDonald House guestbook message written when Lucy became strong enough for the family to safely return home.

"Dearest RMH Family,

From the bottom of our hearts, we will be eternally grateful for the love, care, and hospitality you have shown us. You took us in on a cold, February winter night and kept us warm with your kindness. We said farewell on a warm summer evening in June. And throughout it all, we felt the support of this newfound family and friends.

You always knew what we needed before we even realized and you showered us with generosity. The help you all provided allowed us to focus care on our wee daughter, born in the remote town of Churchill. Her thriving and growth were made possible because her parents were supported and looked after. Thank you so much for being a HUGE difference maker in our lives.

With love, Cynthia, Ian, and Lucy Lau

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