Spring for Families Week 7: June 24 - 30, The Smith Family

Aleea, David and Issac Smith from Savant Lake, Ontario are thankful Ronald McDonald House is available to support them when Issac needs to be close to the medical resources he requires to grow stronger on his healing journey.

In our final week of Spring for Families, Week 7, the Smith family, share how they feel supported by Ronald McDonald House and its community as their son receives treatment and tests for his medical conditions 

“On August 31, 2015, my husband, David, and I were blessed with the birth of our little boy, Isaac Victor Smith, 3 weeks early. In 2016, Isaac was diagnosed with a visual impairment and seizures. These were both secondary to the brain differences he was born with. 

At this point, we were approached by our genetics team to conduct a full blood scan of Isaac, David and myself. This test looked at all of Isaac’s genes and compared any differences to our own. On September 29, 2017, we were thankful to have an official diagnosis. Isaac has tubulinopathy, a neuro-migration disorder. We’re thankful the disorder is not degenerative, not linked to other health issues and not a concern for relatives looking to start a family. 

We’re very hopeful for Isaac. Most children with tubulinopathy have some sort of deficit. However, Isaac’s genetics doctor is confident this will be minimal for him as he is progressing quickly for his age compared to others with his condition. His vision is also progressing very well which will aid his development. We will continue to monitor him with our Winnipeg/Sioux Lookout medical team and continue working with development resources for Isaac. He is in great hands. 

Since Isaac was born, we have made regular trips to Winnipeg. Travelling back and forth to Winnipeg is a physical, emotional and financial challenge. Ronald McDonald House has been a blessing for us. The staff, volunteers and other families are all amazing people - super friendly and very supportive. The House operates with donations from various supporters. It's through these donations that they can offer so much. There is always food available if you are not able to get out to the grocery store. Three to four times per week a hot dinner is served and a continental breakfast is available every day of the week. Supporting RMHC Manitoba helps all families that have a sick or injured child.

My favourite part about staying at the House is feeling truly welcomed. Whether it’s another family we’ve become close with, staff member or volunteer, it’s a community that lets you know you’re not alone in this.” 

- Aleea Smith