Week 4: June 3rd -9th, The Mault/Spence Family

During Week 4 of Spring for Families, we share the story of Ronald McDonald House guests, the Breanna Mault and Tristian Spence from Swan River, Manitoba and their healing journey with their premature born son, Lorenzo.

"All of a sudden, I started getting pains in my back. They told me I was in real labour and I had two choices - either go to Winnipeg or Regina because I am having my baby today. He was born just over three pounds. He was born 30 weeks, four days. It was kind of a struggle a little bit," explains Breanna "Because we're not from here, we're like, is he going to be here for a while? Where are we going to be able to stay? And then one of the nurses at HSC Children's Hospital suggested Ronald McDonald House." 

"The fact that we have everything we need to live here and being around all these other people that are kind of in the same boat as us makes me feel like we're not the only ones going through this right now, makes me feel better," says Tristian.

Breanna shares, "It has made a huge impact on our lives, being able to stay here, being so close to him and having pretty much everything that we need here."