RMHC Manitoba continues to ensure families are supported throughout the COVID-19 crisis. What is needed most during these unprecedented and challenging times are monetary donations to help RMHC Manitoba serve families through continued operations and programming. Please click here to help RMHC Manitoba families. Your donation, no matter the size, makes a difference for families in need.

Become a Meal Sponsor for Families

Other than monetary donations, you can also support meal programming for families by sponsoring/catering a meal. Meal programs remain a very important support for families during this difficult time and provides nutrition and strength during these challenging times. Your donation of $75 to $100 will be used to help fund a meal on your behalf. This is especially needed on Saturdays and Sundays. 

By sponsoring/catering a meal for families, you help:

·        Families be stronger for each other by offering them nutritious meals

·        RMHC Manitoba staff by providing ready-to-serve meals for families

·        Save RMHC Manitoba current resources being used for meal programming

·        Support local restaurants

·        Create a refreshing variety of meal options for families

Please call 204-774-4777 to make your donation in support of meal programming for RMHC Manitoba families or make an online donation and indicate in the comments field that you would like to have your donation support meal programming. RMHC Manitoba will prepare or order a meal for families staying with us on your behalf.

We thank our kind and generous donors for their continued support of the RMHC Manitoba Mission and keeping families close when it’s needed most.